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Warholian was founded in 2010 by photojournalist Michael Cuffe (aka Warholian) and has since become one of the foremost sites covering the world of contemporary art and culture. When the documagazine was launched, there was no plan, no objective, just a passion to document the world of contemporary art, and the artists behind their work. Cuffe spent countless hours (and still does) driving from gallery to gallery, meeting artists in their studio, all in an effort to document, capture, and share what was happening in the contemporary art (and street art) scene. Soon others wanted to help and joined the team, hailing from New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and beyond. ALL have worked without pay, just a passion for sharing paintings, sculptures, installations, and other artsy things with our internet community. Over time we’ve connected with artists around the world, and it’s truly been an amazing experience. Our goal is to provide quality press for the arts community, with a drive to inspire and inform the general public about the world of art that surrounds them.

Our team of Warholian correspondents present unprecedented view of the current art scene, it’s posse, and the inspiring figures within it.  With the success of Etsy, everyday people are being recognized for their artistic efforts and making a living off of their endeavors. Social media has revolutionized the artistic movement. Artists today can use Twitter or Facebook to advertise a new print for sale, grow a fan base, and create their own press.  It is our goal to expose the art world for all to enjoy, and we sincerely appreciate our readers support!

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It’s truly a Warholian world we’re living in, and we hope you like what we’ve created…

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