San Francisco based musicians Greg Mabry and Joe Frabotta have created a dreamy musical style with their band Evil Eyes that has gained quite a bit of recognition and critical praise over the past couple of years. The musical artists have been described as having a “post-western surf sound”, and utilize a particular creative flair with their music releases and videos. With Evil Eyes, the music is presented to the public with clever design and artistic thought… and their latest music video is no exception.

For “Keep Your Mind On Me” (with vocals from Angelica Rockne) a world of cardboard spaceships, submarines, and adventure were created to take Mabry and Frabotta through a journey of the mind and space. They teamed up with well known Brooklyn based creatives (director) Joe Lumbroso and (writer/producer) Jillian Mackintosh to create a video that stimulates the senses through strange blend of Michel Gondry styled filmmaking paired with the “post-western surf” sound that Evil Eyes has become known for.

It was made with zero-budget, found objects, and a whole lotta creative love.

Other notes include artist Charmaine Olivia making an appearance as one of the Sirens; while contemporary artist Erik Otto created miniature vehicles that appeared in video.

Awesome to listen to and visually stimulating.  Enjoy!

– written by Michael Cuffe for Warholian

Follow up story:  To see some really neat behind the scenes photos from the film shoot, visit: BEHIND THE SCENES OF “KEEP YOUR MIND ON ME” on the Brilliant Champions website.