Molinari Caffe of Napa, California presents an exhibition of images captured on the fly with cell phone and various apps. Five photographers invited by Napa Valley curator Ann Trinca will be featured in Like/Share: Cell Phone Photography on view for the month of February. Artists include Courtney McCutcheon, Michael Cuffe (Warholian’s Editor in Chief), Nicole Bruce, Matthew McClure, Ann Trinca, and Robb McDonough.

A widely known statistic is that there are an estimated 4,000 photos per second snapped with smart phones in the United States. The mobile device has redefined the medium and what it means to be a photographer. Independent curator Ann Trinca has just begun to scratch the surface of the local iphoneography scene in the North Bay but she has always been a fan of the democratization of art.

“The best thing about cell phone photography is how it has made us all more intensely aware of our surroundings. The best photographers are seeing every moment as a potential still image. Now that ‘disease’ has spread to the masses, and every waking moment is a museum.”

Trinca explains that there will always be those who criticize the amateur who leans on the ease of photo apps and filters to make their images “auto-artsy” but the camera has been controversial since its birth and continues to push the boundaries of creative thinking. “I also love that the tech world has so seamlessly integrated with the art world through these devices. It’s a ‘whole-brain’ art form.”

For this exhibition, she has invited photographers that she knows mostly from their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Some, like Michael Cuffe (@mikecuffe) and Robb McDonough (, are dedicated to capturing the irresistible scenery of the Napa Valley. Cuffe has founded a documagazine @CailforniasNapaValley which has 18,646 followers.

Nicole (McIntosh) Bruce (@nicolembruce) is a professional lifestyle photographer who uses Instagram to document her own precious memories and for her blog a young Bay Area artist hell-bent on seeing the world (@cmccutch) who met Ann Trinca on a Solano College photo excursion to Indonesia. And Matthew McClure (@_mgmcclure_) from Calistoga is into experimenting with filters and perspective.

“I am excited to see how all their images will present themselves as prints rather than on the screen” says Trinca. “We are bombarded with countless images daily. It will be a real treat to be able to stop and absorb them properly for once.” More info on Like/Share: Cell Phone Photography can be found at:

A reception is scheduled for Saturday, February 1 from 7:00-9:00pm at 815 Main St, Napa, CA.

– Warholian