We love this new image created by artist and designer Bryant Arnold, who operates and creates educational illustrated content on his site Cartoon a Day.  Bryant “has set out on a mission of the unthinkable. . . to create totally unique, interesting, educational and free cartoons for absolutely no other reason than because I CAN”.  The artist does this each and every day, hence the “Cartoon a Day” name.

Here Bryan delves into the two separate parts of our brain, and has illustrated in beautiful detail how both right and left sides affect our daily experience.

For more from Bryant, visit his full site:  www.CartoonaDay.com

Michael Cuffe for Warholian

right-brain-left-brain Bryant Arnold

Right Brain detailed:

right-brain-left-brain Bryant Arnold

Left Brain detailed:

right-brain-left-brain Bryant Arnold

Artist Bryant Arnold in his home studio.


Initial Moleskine sketch concept from Bryant, in colored pencils.

right-brain-left-brain Bryant Arnold