It seems like celebrities continue to infiltrate the modern art world, and influential rapper JAY Z is no exception. In a recent performance piece at the Pace Gallery in New York city, the artist performed for six hours straight in front of a packed gallery setting. In his piece “Picasso Baby” visitors were invited to sit before JAY Z as he freely flowed rhymes while standing on a simple white platform. (SEE THE VIDEO BELOW)

This performance was modeled after Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic (who also appears clad in black in before Jay Z) and her famous 2009 performance piece, “The Artist Is Present”. In the work, museum goers were invited to sit before the artist and connect with her via an lengthy stare. Oftentimes, visitors were brought to tears, as the performance focused on the power of human connection.

An interesting concept to say the least…

Michael Cuffe for Warholian

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