International Street Artist Banksy continues to impress with his clever wit and take on the art world.  The artist has recently been doing an art tour of sorts around New York City, and even has launched a website where art goers can visit the locations, and listen to a guided audio tour for each piece.

This past week the Banksy team has driven a truck around New York City’s meatpacking district with a truck filled with crying stuffed farm animals.

But it is his most recent stunt where the street artist earns art commodification cred, and makes an interesting point.

The artist had a booth set up selling his stencils on white blank canvases in Central Park.  Together the works at auction would bring well over a million, but at the park, on this fateful day one could pick up an original Banksy stencil on canvas for merely 60 US Dollars.

In total 3 were bought.  With one woman attempting to buy one for half the price.

Clearly showing that the world is a little burned out on Banksy imagery.

The scene was videotaped covertly throughout the day by the Banksy team.