Gallery Director Brooke Waterhouse has turned Project One’s gallery into an ongoing art mural experience, highlighting some of the best artists from around the world on a semi-monthly basis.  For the inagural opening, Waterhouse teamed up with Justin Giarla of White Walls gallery to present a number of artists both local and internationally based.  Artists included Ben Eine, Casey Gray, Ricardo Richey (Apex), Jet Martinez, Rene Garcia Jr., and Nick Flatt.

Ben Eine is well known for his oversized graffiti typography, and hails from a past mixed with true street cred and Banksy rendezvous.  This man has truly seen it all.   His work is highly sought by collectors, and even the British Prime Minister gave President Obama one of his works as a official gift.  His “OUCH” work currently covers the largest wall of the 3,200 square foot gallery.

Jet Martinez has really began to stand out as a serious muralist over the past few years, and created a stunning wall of red flowers for Project One Walls.  He continues to be known for evolving classic Mexican styles of folk art into the modern form, and was recently commissioned by Facebook to create a large scale mural on their central campus.

The often controversial artist Nick Flatt presents the modern women in contemporary form with a new large stencil technique he’s created.  Never one to speak quietly with his work, Flatt is perhaps one of the gutsiest artists we know.  His passion to bring his visions to life is impressive, and he has shown again and again that his creative will is burning strong.  His art ranges from full scale army tanks made of wood, and oversized, impactful photorealism oil works of rockstar daydreams.

Rene Garcia Jr. took to the corners, to bring 3D to life in painted form.  The artist never fails to impress with his ingenuity, and tongue in cheek humor.  Bathed in Americana, Garcia is perhaps the first artist we’ve seen to paint in true 3D.  Bring your glasses.

Casey Gray continues to amaze and impress with his amazing acrylic stenciled still life works.  Over the past year the artist has been recognized for achievement in bringing the stencil form into the realm of true fine art.  In this work, the largest he’s ever created, vases fill every void on the black background in a multitude of stunning patterns and colors.  Gray is headed toward the museums fast, and is truly an artist to keep an eye on.

San Francisco graffiti legend APEX (Ricardo Richey) completed what may be one of his best classic styled works to date.  In this Project One Walls work, the artist takes us back to the lettering that made him well known.  Perhaps one of the best examples Richey’s work in a contemporary gallery setting, this piece highlights how truly beautiful graffiti can be.

Project One Walls is an exciting new art venue, that offers art lovers the opportunity to see revolving murals in a gallery setting.  Genius?  We think so.

– Michael Cuffe

Editor in Chief – Warholian


Project One Walls
251 Rhode Island St  San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 938-7173

Project One Walls is open for public viewing Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM – 5 PM, with extended hours on some evenings.

Check out this VIDEO introduction to Project One Walls:



Ben Eine |

London-based street artist Ben Eine, who began by tagging walls and painting trains as a teenager, crossed over into street art in the early 2000s. He has brightened walls all over SF and throughout the world, with his easily recognizable stenciled letterforms. His mural at P1 spells “OUCH.” He chose this for its emotion, aesthetic and form. These four letters create an undeniable energy, selecting bright pastels and a unique font to give a punch of tongue in cheek humor.

René Garcia, Jr. |

René Garcia, Jr. has been a resident artist with P1 since its inception. He considers it “a unique privilege” to have grown alongside P1, which he describes as “a meeting hall for a growing arts community.” His glitter pieces have recently delighted viewers at Aqua Art Miami. In this mural, he has reimagined traditional wallpaper by reconstructing two or three color floral motifs as customized red and blue anaglyphs, which reveal erotic and sensual imagery when viewed through 3D glasses.

Casey Gray | |

Casey Gray, a Bay Area native and SF based artist whose work has been featured locally, nationally, and internationally, works primarily with spray paint and hand drawn stencil techniques. He has installed a vividly colorful mural depicting various vases and other vessels intended to serve as metaphors for bodies, representing the diversity of our outer appearance and the secrecy of that which is contained within, prompting a sense of introspection.

Ricardo Richey | |

Ricardo Richey, known to the graffiti world as Apex, has been a fixture within SF’s street art community for many years, collaborating with graffiti and street art legends and mentoring younger artists, both in galleries and on the streets. Richey’s contribution to P1 Walls has expanded on his exploration of abstract letterforms while playing off the architecture of the gallery space, inviting viewers to feel as though they have stepped into the painting itself.

Jet Martinez |

Jet Martinez is a Mexican-born, SF based muralist and painter whose vibrant and detailed murals can be spotted in neighborhoods across SF, throughout the Bay & all over the country. Drawing inspiration from Mexican folk arts his wall depicts a reinterpretation of Oaxacan embroidery patterns, with large floral patterning in bold colors filling the entirety of the space.

Nick Flatt |

Nick Flatt, a realist painter and sculptor notable for his provocative, hyper-realistic large-format portraits, came to SF from Dallas, Texas and was featured in a solo exhibit at P1 in 2012. His piece for this exhibit, a commodified, mass-manufactured interpretation of an idealized woman, is entitled “In Ford we Trust”, a nod to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.


Project One Gallery is located in a 3,200 square foot converted warehouse space in SF’s Design District. For the past four years, Gallery Director Brooke Waterhouse, has curated a diverse mix of local, national, and international emerging contemporary artists. Brooke is also a member of the board of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

In addition to the gallery, Project One also contains a lounge featuring a state-of-the-art sound system and full bar and has been praised by the New York Times for its “devoted and eclectic clientele” and sophisticated ambiance. Project One was recently remodeled under the direction of Rich Hansen of Indicate Design.