San Francisco residents enjoyed an impromptu show on May 14 and 15 when The Karma Underground or TKU and KarmaBlast unleashed the second installment of their projection series. The non-profit organization is on a mission to attract wider attention to human rights violations in Tibet using art.

TKU compiled donated work from some of the biggest artists today and projected the images at night onto the sides of San Francisco’s tallest buildings with the financial assistance of KarmaBlast, equipment by Technique Mirage and help finding locations from Wallspace SF.  The roster of artists included Shepard Fairey, Saber, Eddie Colla, Sage Vaughn, Lydia Emily, Van Arno, D Young V, Paul Barron, Filth Grime, Hugh Leeman and a collab piece between Risk and Nathan Ota.

How do these artistic projections connect to their cause?

For TKU it is two-fold. As part creator of TKU and contributing artist Lydia Emily explains “I believe that the work of these artists deserves to be displayed at this large scale. I also believe that art has the power to help build schools for the Tibetans.” The spontaneous and larger than life art exhibition has a shock and awe effect on unsuspecting viewers and piques curiosity. Initially hitting Los Angeles prior to San Francisco the group has been gaining momentum with artists from all over interested on how they can be a part of the mission.

Projections in San Francisco will not be the last stop for TKU. Currently they are planning a large silent art auction complete with secret guest DJs and a live band. The night will also include a live painting and live printing. Proceeds from the event will be donated to help build schools and facilities for Tibetans. Lydia has been asked to paint murals in Switzerland and Germany on behalf of TKU. The team will also take on New York and light up the night with the projections.

– written by Keisha Raines with Photos by Birdman for Warholian

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