Founder of Jetset Graffiti, Daniel Lahoda, has created yet another haven for street art at Downtown LA’s LALA Gallery. Officially opening on April 21 with the aptly titled introductory exhibition “LA Freewalls Inside,” Lahoda’s first curated show was a major success with the gallery losing track of attendees once it hit over 1000.

Located in the up-and-coming Art District in a building that once served as a meat packing plant, the gallery effectively utilizes the abundance of vast industrial space. Outside, you are greeted by large murals from Cryptik, How and Nosm, Retna, Uglar Works and Push signaling that you have arrived.  The OBEY lined staircase leads you into the second floor gallery. Inside, the walls are adorned with an abundance of work from established and emerging street artists alike.  An impressive collection from the likes of Anthony Lister, Askew One, Becca, Cern One, Chris Brand, Cryptik, Cyrcle, Dale Vn Marshall, Dan Witz, Daze, Dee Dee Cheriel, Evan Skredestu, How and Nosm, INSA, Jaybo, Kim West, Kofie, Lady Aiko, Ludo, Poesia, Push, Pyro, Ripo, Risk, Ron English, Saber, Shepard Fairey, Swoon and Zes filled the space.

Lahoda opened LALA with the intent to serve as a place that artists involved in public art could also exhibit their studio work in a curated setting as well as to connect with admirers of the movement. For the last two years he has dedicated his time to encourage public art and improve community perceptions to the art form. He spearheaded the LA Freewalls program and helped renowned artists such as JR, Saber, Retna, Craola, Anthony Lister, Cern, Roa, Kofie, Swoon, Ron English, How and Nosm, and Risk secure walls for mural installations in Downtown LA.

To learn more about the LALA Gallery and future exhibitions visit “LA Freewalls Inside” will remain on display until June 8.

-written by Keisha Raines with photos by Birdman