Red Bull not only fuels many artists’ night life but it is also could be their ticket to Miami during the Art Basel season. On April 5, Lydia Emily, Gregory Siff, and Hans Hanover beat out fellow artists for an all-expense paid trip through Red Bull Curates: The Road to Basel. The competition took place at a packed show held at the innovative Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles.

“It is very excited to see Gregory and Lydia blossom as artists and see their careers elevate with this opportunity,” commented Co-owner of Lab Art Rachel Joelson. “It is a really interesting time for them personally and for street art in general.” Other artists involved with the Los Angeles competition include Leba, Nathan Spoor, Codak, Destroy All Design, Benjamin Alejandro, Thank You X, Zombie, Jules Muck, Louis Carreon, Ernesto Yerena Montejano , Septerhed, Smear, Bryan Snyder, Aise Born, Kophns One, Mar and T$F. The completed artist fridges will be on display permanently at various locations throughout Los Angeles.

To make this all possible Red Bull partnered with Arts Fund, which produces arts entertainment programs in partnership with leading global brands. The Arts Fund invests in content and its’ connection to the audience, while building brand equity for music, art, film, and social entrepreneurs.

Twenty emerging street artist were chosen to enter the competition. Each contestant was handed a Red Bull cooler and went to town adorning the appliance with their own personal touches. Winner Lydia Emily showcased her signature look by pasting newspapers to the fridge then adding fine art touches with her intricate oil brushwork. The end product was a matador being assassinated by bulls, in which she received assistance from good friend and fellow artist Van Arno. On the night of the show, judges and curious onlookers passed and voted via text messages for their favorite artist. LA judges included Chad Muska (professional skateboarder & artist), Taryn Manning (actress, fashion designer, and singer-songwriter), and John Reiss (director of Bomb It).

“Everyone involved is excited about the increased popularity of the program. We had thousands of votes from the audience, which is off the charts for a program like this,” commented Bill Franchey of Arts Fund and co-Producer of Red Bull Curates. “The text voting actually went viral immediately to fans following the program via social media to
living rooms, galleries, and hangout spots across America.”

The program initially began as a pilot in San Francisco and will continue on to Chicago and then New York. The program will culminate in Miami during Art Basel week, where three ambassadors from each city will combine with artists from Miami for a group show. One lucky artist will be chosen as program ambassador by a luminary panel of judges, as well as a through text votes sent from the live audience in Miami and a greater social audience from artists’ and fans’ social graphs. Red Bull Curates allows involved artists to have their work exposed to the general public, as well as a wider international internet audience.

Fans can follow a mini-documentary series from city to city, highlighting artists’ passion and inspiration for their work. It will take viewers from the creative process, to the unveiling at the event, and culminate during the esteemed Art Basel week in Miami. Be on the lookout for the release of the LA episode of Red Bull Curates filmed by Director Robert Christian Malmberg shortly via:

The energy drink that gives you wings, is giving artists across the United States so much more than an energy burst. The chance to exhibit their work at one of the largest art fairs in America will have substantial impact on their careers.

– written by Keisha Raines with photos by Colin Young-Wolff for Warholian

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