Beau Stanton is one of our favorite bi-coastal artists to keep an eye on. After his incredible Sanguine Machine solo show at Gallery Hijinks last year and dabbling with live painting and collaborative street art at Basel in Miami this December, he seemingly cannot be stopped. We recently visited his Brooklyn studio to see what Beau has in store for his latest and perhaps most ambitious venture yet: his first solo show in New York.

Archaic Ornaments at Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea will feature Beau’s undeniable talent with oil painting and technique. His latest pieces illustrate surreal and mythical narratives of industrial decay, guided by delicately rendered and rather haunting sirens or oracles of another world.

Beau’s interests in history and the ancient dichotomies of creation and destruction, real and surreal, are found throughout each new work, as he continuously pushes the visual boundaries of his dynamic imagery and rich, rusted tones. Walking through Beau’s workspace, the energy of his work is undeniable. Each gear seems ready to slowly spin, each eye is entrancing, and a massive boat is deep in the throws of an ancient stormy sea. Shelves of old bottles, trinkets, and photographs serve as inspiration for the artist who has quite the eye for history. Beau picks these pieces up while exploring abandoned 19th century factories, buildings, and sites around the metro area.

Beau is also experimenting with silk-screening patterns in this set of works, a new approach that is definitely yielding a variety of exciting outcomes. Mixing mediums and working on a large scale are themes we will certainly see more of in this show, reflecting Beau’s unstoppable determination and craft.

 Archaic Ornaments is open at Bold Hype Gallery April 12th – May 5th, 2012.

– photos and story by Molly Cotter for Warholian

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Archaic Ornaments by Beau Stanton from Street Culture Mash on Vimeo.