Symbols are all around us; in our streets, tattooed on our bodies, and in our rich cultural history. In the latest show to open at the newly redesigned Project One gallery space in San Francisco, “Symbols” take center stage as a talented group of artists recreate these everyday forms into their own aesthetic.

Project One’s explains that “the exhibition space will be transformed to encapsulate many different categories of symbolic dialogue. Modern artists will expound on Creation & Cosmos, Animals, Nature, the Occult, Astrology & Tarot, Colors, Geometric shapes, Contemporary symbols, and the Apocalyptic conspiracies that surround 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. The exhibition itself will take on the form of an elaborate puzzle, leading the viewer through a maze of wonder.”

The show opened February 29, 2012 to a steady stream of gallery goers, on a cozy night within the Design District of San Francisco.

Artist Ryan de la Hoz continues to surprise us with his simple, yet powerful imagery which we have dubbed “illustrative minimalism”. A zine of the artist’s work sat within an installation of cut paper illustration, highlighted with reflective prisms of color. Stepping out of the 2D realm, Hoz also featured a black ladder sculpture over a patterned background which hung over the installation itself.

Artist Erik Otto decided to tackle “Cosmos & Creation” in his mixed media on paper works, where a orange circle took center stage throughout all three pieces. He varied the forms with cut paper horizontilly placed, as well as with other shapes that shifted the overall composition.

Artist Xiang Gao reworked the theme of “Astrology and Tarot” into the show, with three standout mixed media pieces, two featuring gold leaf. It was obvious that Gao’s work captured the attention of patrons throughout the evening, as well the eyes of this Warholian photographer.

Bay Area native Jet Martinez exhibited an extremely beautiful and organic snake work, which was ornate in it’s detail and rendering. Martinez is a well known mural artist who has over fifteen years experience painting in the public forum, and it was nice to see him offer his artistry to this group show.

Other participating artists included Michael Maes, Victor Wilde, Louis Reith, and Scott Move – all of whom brought their specific perspectives and talents to Project One’s “Symbols”.

Overall “Symbols” is a fun experience offering a unique coalescing of artists within a friendly and inviting setting – be sure to check it out.

– photos and review by Michael Cuffe for Warholian

“Symbols” will run from February 29th – March 31st, 2012 at Project One in San Francisco.

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