On February 25, German duo Herakut revealed their new exhibition “After the Laughter’” and a book by the same name at LeBasse Projects: Chinatown. The show featured a series of sculptures, photography, wall installations and a large mural outside the space.

Many guests lined up outside LeBasse to catch a glimpse of Herakut’s new work and this special Los Angeles exhibition. Rejecting a formal gallery setting, the setup for the show was more unconventional, with work grouped together. The German street artists’ signature figurative paintings with large expressive eyes lined the walls while members of the avant-garde performance troupe Lucent Dossier performed throughout the night.

What makes Herakut’s work so unique is their use of cardboard boxes instead of canvases. Initially the pair felt unsure about their choice of material, but regained confidence when they saw that Picasso occasionally used it as well. Being resourceful, Herakut created a majority of their work on the cardboard boxes that shipped their supplies to America. For pieces that don’t sell, they’ll be carefully folded and used to ship smaller pieces.

Herakut’s paintings are gorgeous and tragic at the same time, their ability to capture emotion on cardboard is flawless. However, what really stole the show were the sculptures. The delicate busts with large haunting eyes showcased Herakut’s wide range of talent.

“After the Laughter” is definitely worth the drive to Chinatown, the show will run until March 17 at LeBasse Projects: Chinatown.

written by Keisha Raines with photos by Birdman

For more on the show visit LeBasse Projects at: http://www.lebasseprojects.com/

For more on Herakut visit: http://www.herakut.de/