When stepping into the Los Angeles Prism gallery and into the hyper imaginative and multidimensional world of the Brazilian twins Os Gemeos, one is immediately taken into a dreamlike state where the memories of childhood are vividly bright (and just as frightening and exciting as you remember them to be). “Miss You” is a show comprised of intricate installation pieces and a range of new paintings delving into the idea of infinite divinity and the inner workings of a child’s natural sense of fear, love, and surreal view of the world around them.

The most exceptional part of the show was the installation, and its serpentine realms of visual enthusiasm. Os Gemeos bobble heads, curious and filled with light protruded through the floor (a room comprised of memories from the childhoods of many) with a massive screen bursting forth with bright visuals and the classic yellow Os Gemeos doe eyed faces. Lastly an installation with a massive three dimensional character box invites you to step in – and under – to view the inside of the box filled with mirrors and multiple perspectives of self. The paintings, which are surreal and Delphian, follow the same premise of the installations. Characters jumping from beds into a supreme existence where the cycles of life are not what we assume them to be, and the idyllic true Os Gemeos geometric visual language of skewed realities and playful memories are rightfully expressed and placed strategically.

The paintings and installations comprehend an idea of falling into new dimensions and realizing different states of being, which often are hidden and sometimes lost. Through these illusions and oracular transportations that Os Gemeos take us through, the viewer is able to explore the perspective of thought in a childlike state of mind. At the end, one is reminded that in our everyday modern lives, we often miss what can be found by just by letting go.

– written by Tova Lobatz with photos by Birdman for Warholian

Os Gemeos’ “Miss You” will be at the Prism Gallery from Feb. 25, 2012 – March 24, 2012

To visit the Prism Gallery: http://www.prismla.com/

For more on Os Gemeos: http://osgemeos.com.br/