Andrew McClintock is best known for his work on the free informational arts magazine San Francisco Art Quarters (SFAQ) as well as his curatorial endeavors at Evergold Gallery.  What most don’t realize is that McClintock is also an accomplished conceptual artist, who strives to establish a strong conceptual art community in within San Francisco.   Guy Overfelt on the other hand is one of the most recognized conceptual names in the Bay Area, having carved out a career as an international artist for many years now.  Overfelt’s work has been seen everywhere from the pages of the New York Times to the Oakland Museum of California.

Recently the artists teamed with Queen’s Nails Projects in the Mission District of San Francisco to turn the gallery into an experimental pool hall.  The project was an homage to artist Paul Kos’ 1972 performance of “Pool Hustle”, in which the artist attached live bear traps to the walls of a tiny gallery while he played pool in the restrictive space.

For “Assed Out and the Mini Dramas” McClintock and Overfelt created an environment where the ceiling of the already small gallery space was lowered, leaving roughly 5-6 feet of headspace throughout.  The environment was further minimized with hundreds of balloons which hovered above, in which visitors where then invited to play pool in the restrained conditions.

The installation offered patrons an introspective look into life, and how conditions often force one act a certain way to fit into social norms.

– written and photographed by Michael Cuffe for Warholian


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