Purebred has been hard at work establishing their name as a production company that takes the art of photographing artists seriously.  Having shot some of the best names in the art world, they recently set their eyes artist and social media celebrity Charmaine Olivia.

Purebred (headed by Jason Mitchell and Stacey Ransom) produced two artist portraits (below), as well as this short film (above) of Olivia during the full day shoot.  

We’re happy to share the talents of Purebred Productions on Warholian, and look forward to more amazing work from photographer Jason Mitchell and designer/producer Stacey Ransom!

For behind the scenes coverage of the film visit Stacey Ransom’s blog here: http://www.ransom-notes.net/?p=2801



For more on Purebred Productions visit their site: http://purebredphoto.com/

For more on Charmaine Olivia visit: http://www.CharmaineOlivia.com