Warholian’s own Editor in Chief Michael Cuffe and Director Lyrica Glory spent the better part of Monday the 28th of November traversing Wynwood Arts District during Art Basel Week 2011 looking for artists to photograph at work. Earlier in the day, rain fell for a couple of hours which brought on a sunny and extremely humid afternoon. Many artists decided wisely to stay out of the heat, trading daylight for the evening hours to complete their murals.

Despite the sweat and grime, artists Shark Toof, Ben Eine, Hugh Leeman, Hawk, Eduardo Kobra, and a handful of graffiti writers decided to push on through the day.

JR brought forth a large signature photo eye wheatpaste, while ROA finished a spectacular Manatee in North Wynwood.

Since it was a slower day, it offered Cuffe the opportunity to photograph older work around the Miami Arts District.

– Warholian with photos by Michael Cuffe

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