Street artist ABOVE has been hard at work over the past few weeks working on some of his largest murals ever, while at the same time grabbing the attention of local and national media for a controversial Wall St. flavored piece.   There is no doubt that ABOVE is taking things to another level,  in conjunction with an exhibition with White Walls Gallery at Scope Art Fair during Miami’s Basel week, the artist has been creating amazing murals on some of the most sought after walls in the Wynwood Arts District.

The most noticed and controversial piece read “GIVE A WALL ST. BANKER ENOUGH ROPE AND HE WILL HANG HIMSELF”, to which the artist then hung a dummy in full suit and tie from the telephone wires above.  The wall itself faces one of Miami’s busiest freeways, and has been seen by thousands of commuters on their daily drive.  National media was quick to pick up on the story, and overnight it was broadcast on CBS, NBC, and FOX.  (see the video here)

Not stopping there, the artist has continued to create large scale murals that play homage to Miami itself, which have been received lovingly by the community.

ABOVE is most definitely an artist to keep an eye on, as his international reputation continues to grow, so does the value and quality of his work.  This has been reflected within the art market, as demand and interest in his work has been at a steady incline over the past year.  This is no surprise, as the artist continues to refine his aesthetic and produce quite spectacular gallery work as well.

If you’re in Miami this year, ABOVE is where it’s at.

– by Michael Cuffe for Warholian

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