Warholian’s Michelle Fleck is not only one of our writers, but also a talented artist in her own right. Michelle recently opened her first ever solo show entitled “Somewhere” at Park Life (one of our favorite local galleries and stores). The opening brought out a nice crowd of patrons who seemed to generally respect and enjoy the work Michelle has produced, and the red dots throughout the gallery reflected this.

Michelle is amongst a new emerging genre of artists which I have been describing as “Illustrative Minimalists” for some time. It’s a specific style of work that seems to be scaled back conceptually, simple in presentation, and yet is filled with symbolism. Other notable artists in San Francisco who have gained popularity for this style have been Mia Christopher and Ryan De La Hoz.

Michelle’s “Somewhere” focuses on the relationship between man and the landscape. “She is interested in our desire to replace what is old and dated, and how that manifests itself in the urban landscape. Influenced by everyday life in the city, her paintings serve as snapshots of an ongoing cycle of wear and replacement, showing our constant reinvention of the landscape around us, and the marks we leave upon it. Her hope is that these pieces have a sense of relevancy in a culture driven by a need for expansion, change and newness.”

Overall it a nice show to check out, and a great chance to get a bite to eat at Burma Superstar just down the street. 🙂

– by Michael Cuffe for Warholian

For more on Michelle’s show at Park Life visit: http://www.parklifestore.com/2011/09/14/michelle-fleck-solo-show-at-park-life/

For more on Michelle and her work visit: http://michellefleck.com/