This past weekend Los Angeles played host to numerous art fairs. Through all the art, the fair that stuck out amongst them all was Fountain.

Fountain opened its doors on Sept.30 and ended on Oct. 3 in Lot 613 in Downtown LA. Created in 2006 specifically to represent the little guys of the art world, the fair usually set up camp in New York for Armory Week, Miami during Art Basel but Pacific Standard Time had the fair hitting the West Coast.

What sets Fountain aside from your typical art fair is that it rejects the standard model and embraces the attitude of an alternative showcase. The fair provided lesser known galleries, artist collectives, emerging solo artists and performance artists larger exhibition spaces than would normally be offered in an art fair setting.

The fair featured avant-garde work and included exhibitors from Chalk (LA), Ever Gold Gallery (San Francisco), HungryMan Gallery, (San Francisco), Blythe Projects (Culver City), Murder Lounge (NYC), Cheap & Plastique (Brooklyn) Christina Ray Gallery (NYC), Tinca Art (NYC), Ryan Cronin (NYC), GILF! (Brooklyn), Evo Love (Miami), The Mechanism (LA) and Aleve Mei Loh (LA) to name a few.

Amongst all of the talented artists were the innovative and charismatic guys from Los Angeles-based spray paint recycling program Canlove. The two man team collects discarded spray cans from the streets and reuses them into works of art. A few of their pieces on display at Fountain were bouquets with the tops of spray cans as flowers and an American flag composed of the bottoms of cans.

Ever Gold Gallery’s area held some of the most satirical, humorous and explicit work at Fountain. Like Guy Overfelt’s modern and sarcastic take on René Magritte’s This is Not a Pipe. Chris Riston combined science an art by growing bismuth on porcelain figures. The multi-colored crystals on top of fragile figurines were accompanied by a time lapse video of the process.

Other noteworthy work was by independent artist Carly Ivan Garcia. Hearing his story, passion and drive for art is inspiring and elevates his work to another level.

– written by Keisha Raines with photos by Birdman and Jennifer Leigh Strauss for Warholian

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