We here at Warholian consider Brett Amory a good friend and an amazingly prolific artist.  We often say that Brett is “going to be in museums someday” or that he’s “the next evolution of Edward Hopper”, but none of that really matters.

Brett is a talented fine artist in his own right, with each and every painting executed in thoughtful precision.  Watching Amory work in his studio, one can feel the magic of the moment.  The energy in the air where pure artistic genius flows fluidly from the artist, through the brush, and onto the canvas.

Historical moments in art… before “art” has yet to fully to recognize the artist.

It is no wonder that Amory’s most recent work “White Light” set within the historic Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose has once again captured the attention of Warholian.  In this collection, Amory’s explores “an individual’s struggle to exist in the present moment and the continued state of detachment from one’s surrounding environment. However, this new body of work depicts an element of freedom, as the subjects strive to transcend consciousness and human existence: freedom of thought, freedom of perception, freedom to create one’s own narrative.”

Each and every piece in the show is powerfully cohesive and highlights Amory’s continued growth in composition and technique.  The paintings scream with symbolism, and man’s struggle to find his position in society and within himself.

Brett continues to find success within the gallery environment, with collectors taking notice.  Over the past year, the art market has responded to the “Waiting” series Amory has created with red dots and “Waiting” lists.  We’ve watched work that was once accessible, quickly snatched up by an ever increasing demand.

Thankfully Amory continually finds new threads to explore within his timeless urban landscapes, taking us deeper into his ever evolving “Waiting” narrative.  Producing new work at a staggering rate, Amory shows no sign of slowing down, having booked shows clear through 2013.

For more on Brett’s show at and available work at Anno Domini Gallery, visit:  http://galleryad.com/past_exhibits/brettamory2011/index.html

– Photographs and Review by Michael Cuffe for Warholian

For more on Brett Amory visit:  http://www.BrettAmory.com or follow him on Facebook at:  http://www.facebook.com/BrettAmory