Water is the most essential element for life on Earth, in Korin Faught’s new work exhibited at the Corey Helford the liquid multitasks as an element of inspiration.
Korin’s newest paintings she explores the way people look in water, interested in the reflections, images and movements that occurs. She explains she was attracted to the “weightlessness and beauty when you’re in water.”

To create her impressive large scale oil paintings, Korin starts by sewing her own costumes. She favors sheer, feminine pieces with a vintage flair in light colors. She personally styles every one of her models, and then takes their pictures to use as reference. It is the attention to detail with every step of the process that makes Korin’s pieces intimate and engaging. There is so much of her in every one of her creations, she comments the “only way to put more of me in it would be to put my own hair in it.”

Looking at Korin’s pieces for a second you forget that the artist is a fairly young woman. Her paintings are reminiscent of Flemish Baroque artists such as Johannes Vermeer. She has always been drawn to figurative artists like Caravaggio which you can see in her work. Korin not only roots her work in art history but also her own history. While working in her studio she surrounds herself with her old work to inspire her where to go.

Korin Faught’s work is honest, beautiful and reminds you of a Classic era of feminine fragility. Her work with be up at the Corey Helford Gallery until September 21st.

The Corey Helford Gallery is also exhibiting new work by artist Joey Remmers, entitled “Sheeps Clothing.” Using oil on panel, he utilizes parts of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s psychological crime studies and converts them into inspiration for his new work. In Remmer’s paintings the landscape and characters are stuck in a Winter Wonderland, muted in color with the only traces of vibrant colors radiating from the sinister forces lurking all around. Also a tattoo artist, he incorporates his profession by giving his characters some ink.

– by Keisha Raines with photos by Birdman for Warholian

For more on Korin Faught’s Voices of the Lake with Guest artist Joey Remmers visit Corey Helford Gallery here: http://www.coreyhelfordgallery.com/

To visit Korin’s official site: http://www.korinfaught.com/

For more on Joey Remmers visit: http://www.joeyremmers.com/