**Editor’s note: “Cyrcle.” is correctly spelled with a period (.) as part of the name, please read accordingly… and don’t send us emails about our perceived wacky grammar.”**

It is said there are only two things in life that are certain: taxes and death. However, after seeing the artist collective Cyrcle.’s most recent show “We Never Die” and by evidence of their art work, taxes could possibly be the only thing sure for these guys.

Cyrcle. barely formed in October 2010 and already are making huge waves with a solo show at Design Matters in Los Angeles featuring 40 new pieces of work, a clothing line and even a visit by Will Smith. The trio first garnered notoriety from wheat pastes, stickers and murals around Los Angeles. Pieces like the floral machine gun on the side of Susy’s Meat Market on Santa Monica just east of Vermont titled “Ready…Aim…FLOWER!” have created a large following of the group.

Initially, Cyrcle. was drawn to graffiti because of the democratic nature of street art, which allows virtually anyone to become involved. To the three artists the street’s walls are the best platform for public engagement. “We think its refreshing to see and create art around the city solely for the sake of inspiration.” Also as Dev points out “Nothing in the world feels better than painting a huge fucking mural.”

The key element that sets the trio apart from majority of street artists is their ability to harmoniously blend the different styles of graffiti, fine art and design without it looking like they are trying too hard. For example they have a piece with vertical panels and if you stand on one side is Charlie Chaplin, if you stand on the other side it’s a skull with a Chaplin mustache. In “We Never Die”, the viewer is not only confronted with the conflict of life and death but chaos and order and the exploration of rejuvenation and rebirth. Refusing to play it safe and stick with acrylics and canvas, Cyrcle.’s work can be found in the form of stained wood, shadow boxes and collages to name a few. The guys created art out of a bug collection by painting, writing and then pinning the crawlers in a shadow box.

“We Never Die”, is more than a title of an exhibition for CYRCLE., for them it is also a motto. Because in the end we don’t leave behind tangible items, we leave our tale and legacy. Measuring the quality of work found in Design Matters by CYRCLE., they have a great chance of becoming immortal.

By Keisha Raines with photos by Jennifer Strauss and Birdman for Warholian

For more on Circle. at Design Matters visit: http://designmattersla.com/

For more on Circle. visit: http://www.cyrclebrand.com/