Spoke Art Gallery continues to curate strong shows with a focus on artists that are at the forefront of their peer group. In their latest “September Group Show” curator Ken Harman brought together talent from around the globe, presenting us with strong work from artists Charmaine Olivia, Handiedan, Craww, and Tatiana Suarez.

Charmaine Olivia continues to brighten our world with fantastical women from our inner subconscious, where skulls emerge from shoulders and boats float through waves of hair. The Mission based artist is a standout in the San Francisco art community, and with a fan base that already covers the globe, it is clear that her work is popular amongst the masses. The 23 year old self taught artist has already created a body of imagery that has caught the eye of Lady Gaga, Urban Outfitters, and Volcom… and she shows no signs of slowing down. Her females are meticulously rendered, juxtaposed with just enough looseness in her paint to add increased interest. Olivia’s work seems to evolve right before us, with each body of work incorporating new techniques and subject matter.

Dutch based artist Handiedan’s amazing collage works are the perfect blend of both pinup imagery and abstraction. Each piece is beautifully constructed, aesthetically pleasing, while hues and tones interplay through each piece. Handiedan continues to push the boundaries of what it means to create symbolic works in mixed media, with each creation imbruing a sense of femininity and strength.

Craww’s surrealistic females drift delicately across the visual plane, while bringing an air of lightness and a sense of hope to each piece. The UK based artist knows how to perfectly render color and subject matter, balancing both just enough to make every female he produces perfect in visual appeal. Another frontrunner in the new world of social media, his works continue to be shared heavily on Tumblr and Facebook, while earning continued respect in the gallery world.

New Yorker Tatiana Suarez’s large eyed girls seem to peer back from another dimension of reality altogether. Captivating the viewer, her figures play in etherial planes of existence, inviting us to explore further. It is within the world of color where Saurez holds all the cards, where her big eyed females explode with vibrate tones that collide, explode, and literally jump off the paper. We look forward to seeing more from “Tati’s” emerging body of work.

Spoke Art’s September Show runs from 9/1/11 until 9/22/11, for more information visit: http://spoke-art.com/

– photos and review by Michael Cuffe for Warholian

For more on Charmaine Olivia visit: http://charmaineolivia.com/

For more on Handiedan visit: http://www.handiedan.com/

For more on Craww visit: http://www.craww.com/

For more on Tatiana Suarez visit: http://www.tatisuarez.com/