The Site Unscene in conjunction with Physical Goods are proud to present MIND CONTROL featuring artists Eddie Colla, Bughouse, Destroy All Design, DD$ and Insurgency Inc.

MIND CONTROL is a curated study upon the topic of mind control as expressed via the imaginations of some of Los Angeles and San Francisco’s most well known street & fine artists. The curated show allows each artist to interpret the concept of “mind control” in a way personal to them and their work. The influence of the advertising, media, peers and society as a whole has a hold on each of our mind’s that is not only hard to ignore, but often times hard to even recognize. MIND CONTROL aims to shed light onto the constant bombardment of our minds by these outside influences, in a hope to support the idea of thinking for oneself. The opening night event will be the first in a month long series of events.

The artists exhibiting in MIND CONTROL inlcude: San Francisco based street artist Eddie Colla, Los Angeles design studio Bughouse, LA street artist Destroy All Design, LA street/fine art trio DD$, and Los Angeles based lifestyle collective Insurgency Inc.

For more on info on the artists and this show, read the full press release on Warholian’s sister site Patron of the Arts here: MORE ON MIND CONTROL…

By Jennifer Leigh Strauss for Warholian

Mind Control:
Peep Show Gallery
1621 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Show runs until Sunday, August 28th, 2011. Gallery is open
Tuesday-Saturday 8:30 pm – Midnight. Or by appointment. To make an
appointment or to get list/info of available pieces, email:

For more info on the show visit: