As Art in the Streets ends its run at MOCA, Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories picks up where it left off. The show is on exhibit at C.A.V.E. Gallery and presented by Brooklyn Street Art in collaboration with THINKSPACE.

Street Art Saved My Life focuses on the diversity of artists that grace New York’s street walls. Curators Steven P. Harrington and Jaimie Rojo, founders of Brooklyn Street Art, join new and established street artists from around the world that have painted or pasted their stories in New York.

One of the 39 story tellers is French born artist LUDO. In LUDO’s tales nature morphs together with inanimate objects, is personified and hell bent on showing the human world its displeasure. He contrasts his complex concept of the nature vs. man with black and white hand-drawn wheat pastes and accented with his signature bright green smears. LUDO prefers to work as a one-man show and resists the temptation to have an assistant; he performs every step of his work by himself. It’s this sole control over his work that contributes to the continuity and precision in all of his work.

Daniel Lahoda of LA Free Wall and Jet Set Grafitti and Warholian’s Birdman had the pleasure of guiding LUDO through Downtown LA and Echo Park. Where they were able to see firsthand LUDO paste his Saguaro cactus flipping off its viewer and the fly morphed with a ghetto blaster.
Although LUDO may work solo on his own pieces he is willing to assist other artists in their work. Recently he helped street art veteran Ron English’s own mural with LA Freewall along with Lahoda and Birdman. “I cherish these opportunities to work with all artists; but it’s truly a special experience for me to represent Ron English’s artwork in any situation,” commented Lahoda.

– written by Keisha Raines, photos by Birdman for Warholian

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LUDO’s work and Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories will be on exhibition at C.A.V.E. until Sept. 4, visit for gallery times.