Attending an Anthony Lister exhibit is like reading a stack of comics, but instead of rose tinted glasses from your childhood your vision is distorted by the harsh truth of reality. In Lister’s comics the superhero doesn’t always save the day, his work is realistic and focuses on the less than perfect world we live in. Mixing the vibrant colors and characters of Jack Kirby with the harshness of Ralph Steadman while combining street art and expressionism influences Lister concocts pieces that are his very own.

An important thing to note is even in his gallery work, now featured at the HVW8 gallery in West Hollywood, Lister stays true to his roots as a street artist. His murals on the streets out number his work hanging in the gallery. The most powerful mural may be his large mural behind the gallery, which even had a tribute to Amy Winehouse who had passed the day he was painting. Lister’s own brand of swift spray paint strikes, creative use of characters on the streets enticed art enthusiasts to attend his show. LA Freewalls, an organization that helps artists find a legal space to present their work, secured a space for him in Downtown LA allowing it to stay up longer than it would on the streets illegally.

Immersed in an environment of good friends, good music, Lister worked diligently on nine pieces simultaneously throughout the night that Warholian’s Birdman was with him. Birdman commented, “He was a madman working, it was mesmerizing to watch as you don’t know what to expect coming out of him.” Taking a break from his work, Lister describes his style as being Jimi Hendrix with a can. He believes in leaving room for error, since everything can’t always be perfect, but it can always grow.

An author once described Australians as lucky people, however in the case of Australian born street artist Anthony Lister, there is no luck involved-just pure talent.

– written by Keisha Raines, photos by Birdman for Warholian

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