Artist Isabel Samaras shot me a note last week about Workshop SF’s Kelly Malone, and how there was going to be a sketch fundraiser to raise money for her cancer treatment at 111 Minna Gallery. Knowing full well that Kelly has built up quite a little operation over at Workshop SF (and it’s importance to our community), I made sure to cruise through the red doors of Minna to capture this wonderful event.

It is fundraisers like this where the SF Arts community truly shines, where artists come together to offer their talents while raising cold hard cash for the benefit of our pals in need. “Will Draw for Drugs” was no exception, and the entire evening was filled with warm hugs, great art, and laughter.

I made my way over to the event around 10pm and were happy to see things were in full swing. Ms. Malone looked spectacular as she cruised around the tables thanking many of the artists for donating their time and artistry. I hope these photos capture the feeling of the evening….

– Warholian Editor in Chief Michael Cuffe

For more on how you can donate to Kelly’s cause and Workshop SF visit:

Full artist list:
~ Adam 5100-
~ Alexis MacKenzie-
~ Arlo Jamrog-
~ Audrey Erickson- http://audreymayerickson.c​om/
~ Brett Amory-​press/
~ Brian Barneclo- http://www.brianbarneclo.c​om/
~ Daryll Peirce-
~ David Choong Lee- http://joshualinergallery.​com/artists/david_choong_l​ee/
~ Dennis McNulty- http://www.dennismcnultyar​
~ Erik Otto-
~ Ferris Plock-
~ gaNyan- http://ganyan39.blogspot.c​om/
~ Henry Gunderson- http://henrygunderson.tumb​
~ Henry Lewis-​m/
~ Ian Johnson-
~ Isabel Samaras- http://isamaras.wordpress.​com/
~ Jay Howell- http://jayhowellart.blogsp​
~ Jesse Balme-​/
~ Jessica Trippe
~ John Casey-
~ Kelly Tunstall-
~ Marcos Lafarga-
~ Nate VanDyke-
~ Paul Urich
~ Ryan de la Hoz-​/
~ Sirron Norris-​m/
~ Skinner- http://www.theartofskinner​.com/

DJ’s for the evening:
Sonny Phono:​nyphono