Warholian filmmaker Doug Usher of VIA (The VIA Company) was able to make his way over to Black Book Gallery in Denver, CO to shoot an interview with artists Phil Lumbang and Ernesto Yerena Montejano about their latest show “Dead Relatives.”

The amazing short chronicles the journey of Dead Relatives, the relationship between Phil and Ernesto, and their time working under the infamous Shepard Fairey.

– Warholian

For more on the show visit: http://www.theblackbookgallery.com/2011/06/black-book-gallery-presents-philip-lumbang-ernesto-yerena-dead-relatives/

For more on Ernesto’s work visit: http://hechoconganas.com/

For more on Phil’s work visit: http://philiplumbang.com/

For more on Doug Usher and the VIA company visit: http://theviacompany.com