Another nice piece of film from Colin M. Day on artist Anthony Sneed’s latest show “Grand Illusion.”

“Shooting Gallery is pleased to present Grand Illusion, an installation of intensely colorful, visually striking paintings and handmade wooden object installations by Brooklyn-based artist Anthony Michael Sneed.

Inspiration is a compelling force for Sneed, who pulls from a long list of influences for the pieces featured in Grand Illusion. By reexamining his own points of reference (including everything from coloring contests – to growing up surrounded by architectural references, courtesy of his mother), he’s able to condense things to their most solid form, reverting to the beginnings of his connection to color and pattern. Straightforward in their form, bold, bright, and highly graphic, with just the right amount of painterly illusion – the pieces are Sneed’s most current iteration of his color theory exploration.” – Shooting Gallery Press Release.

– Warholian

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