Saturday June 12th, White Walls gallery opened “Intersection”, a dual exhibition of new work by Bay Area artist Adam Caldwell and the UK’s Jonathan Darby.

Warholian had the pleasure of previewing Adam Caldwell’s latest stunning collection of work (interview and photos can be viewed here).

Jonathon Darby was completely new and unexpected. “Darby’s artistic concern deals with socio-political and humanitarian themes. His work portrays people in a cultural context where innocence and the vulnerable have been impacted by forces of social, economic and political change. His focus is on children, specifically those that live in Brazilian slums, as he believes they can and will determine their own future.” (White Walls)

Encouraging his artists to use the whole gallery space, White Walls owner/curator Justin Giarla allows each artist the freedom to use the gallery as an installation space; offering them a unique opportunity to showcase their creative spirits. Transforming the back of White Walls into a Brazilian slum, Darby’s exhibition is something to behold.

“Using an array of different media with two and three-dimensional elements, the paintings consist of smooth layers of paint contrasting with rough, reworked textural elements.” Darbys imagery is poigant, depicting innocent eyed children of the slums against the harsh backdrop of recycled materials, a condition that mirrors its inspiration.

If you get a chance, stop by White Walls Gallery to see this wonderful show. “Intersection” will be on view until July 2nd.

Lyrica Glory For Warholian

Photos by Michael Cuffe for Warholian