We first really got to know artist David Bayus during our trip to the Art Basel this past year in Miami.  His ideas regarding art, and concepts push both photography and oil painting into new realms altogether. “Bad Casserole” at Gallery Hijinks is no exception and we’re definitely excited to see that Bayus has continued to take his work to a new level.

Check out the show if you get a chance, and take a up close look at the work. See if you can figure out how he makes these images from a technical level. There’s a lot going on we can assure you. 🙂

– Warholian

Read the full press release below for more on David and his show:

Gallery Hijinks is proud to present Bad Casserole a collection of mixed media works by David Bayus. In his first solo exhibition the artist focuses on his desire to develop a personal non-linear narrative based on the excessive material nature of his own experience. His work employs a unique visual language that utilizes the inherent implications of sculpture, photography, digital media, and traditional painting techniques. Please join us for the opening reception on June 4th, 2011 from 6-10pm.

Bayus’ process begins with creating assemblages of both found and sculpted objects drawn from his environment. This aesthetic lends itself to the history of craft and our relationship to functional and utilitarian objects. He then photographs the individual components of the assemblage with different lighting techniques to create varying atmospheres. Afterwards he digitally montages the images together and prints the final composition onto panel.

Using traditional painting techniques, Bayus adds a final layer of singular representation to the work by painting the same object that is photographed. This contrast between the documented and the representational, the painted image and the print; completes the process by bringing the image to a point of unified tension. The inherent contrasting qualities of each medium are brought together to form a unified narrative of personal experience.

The exhibition Bad Casserole offers viewers a rare look at an intriguing and highly individual artist. The exhibition opens June 4th, 2011 and will be on display until June 25th, 2011 and is open to the public.

Bad Casserole by David Bayus
June 4th 2011 to June 25th 2011

For more on the show visit: http://www.galleryhijinks.com/

For more on the art of David Bayus visit: http://www.davidbayus.com/

All photos by Michael Cuffe for Warholian