Neo Abstract Expressionist Carly Ivan Garcia’s work is representational of his energy, the way he thinks, and how the artist sees the world.  A true mix between Picasso and Basquiat, Garcia’s paintings are at first confrontational, but eventually win the viewer over by slowly creeping into the mind and unlocking our own subconscious desires and fears.  One soon discovers there is a bit of Carly Ivan Garcia in all of us.

To truly appreciate the work, it’s best to have the artist explain it to you himself.  His excited energy takes you through the twists and turns of oil paint, as he describes his view of the world through the roadmap of his canvas.  The artists energy is bar none in the art community…he jumps, shouts, points, laughs… and sometimes even somber about the work he creates.  Over time one realizes that much like Jackson Pollock, Garcia IS his work.

These are bold statements, comparing a fledging artists to Picasso, Basquiat, or even Pollack… but Garcia is a true action painter, and his work continually strikes a chord with those inside and outside the art community.  Actor Ed Harris (of Pollack fame, and a respected collector in his right) has purchased Garcia’s paintings, and the artist has seen continual success at Fountain Art Fairs in both New York City and Miami’s renown Basel.  In personal discussions with other respected successful artists, we have found that most believe that Garcia has “something” distinct and different in his work that makes it stand out from the rest.  There seems to be a general consensus that Garcia is going places with his paintings.

Be sure to keep an eye on Garcia, there is no doubt you’ll see more of him.

“Citizen Garcia” is Garcia’s first ever solo show in San Francisco which runs from May 14th  – June 11, 2011 at Driftwood Art Salon headed by Director Camille Ochoa.  Be sure to check it out.

– Warholian

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