What happens when the ads at bus shelters have a revolution? The answer 106 artists participate in the Madrid Street Advertising Takeover or MaSAT, the March 30, 2011 bus shelter takeover. MaSAT, the second Street Advertising Takeover is the creation of Jordan Seiler and the PublicAdCampaign, an arts group whose work seeks to balance the disproportion between marketing and advertising with the rights of the community with their public spaces.  In that spirit MaSAT created a global community by bringing together 106 participants, made up of “artists, sociologists, teachers, lawyers, gallerists, bloggers, and other individuals who think deeply about what it means to have an open public environment.”

The lists of participants is extraordinary, and the messages (all text based) were beautiful, personal, political, fun, and engaging statements for a global audience, in many languages, each inviting its reader to a different understanding and experience of the shared space of a bus shelter. For Broken Meter it was a chance to say hello, meet, and connect with friends in Madrid; our MaSAT read “Someone in San Francisco is thinking about you” (Anonymous).

– by Warholian Correspondent Adam Rozan of  Broken Meter

For more information on MaSAT visit – http://www.publicadcampaign.com/masat/