I became a fan of artist Kevin Cyr through his design work a couple of years ago.  Cyr had taken a shopping cart and converted it into a livable sleeping quarters, with storage features galore.  I was so impressed in his woodworking skills, and his talent as a designer and conceptual artist, that his work stuck with me for weeks.

Kevin Cyr’s latest show “Home in the Weeds” at 941 Geary Gallery takes his work and aesthetic to another level altogether, and marks an impressive step in the artists body of work.  Cyr focuses “Home in the Weeds” on the potentiality that many in the world’s economy face today… that they may find themselves without a place to call home.  In a looking glass of sorts, Cyr takes the idea of shelter and blends it with the tradition of camping to create a hybrid future that is not as dim as most would prophecize.

A tent is reinforced with wood supports and a stove to better withstand the elements, a miniture RV with amenities galore, that can be pulled by a bicycle, a shack that is more home inside than the exterior presents… all coalesce to form a warm viewpoint of socioeconomic downturn.

Many of the shelters are so inviting that it’s not so hard to imagine spending a night inside one of the abodes.  I think this is the point Cyr tries to make with his work, that one can survive it in the wilds of a unknown future, and that home truly is what you make it.

– Michael Cuffe for Warholian

“Home in the Weeds” runs April 30- June 4th, 2011 at 941 Geary Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

For more on the show visit:  http://www.941geary.com/shows/kevin-cyr

Photos by Michael Cuffe for Warholian.com

Also be sure to visit Kevin’s website at:  http://www.KevinCyr.net