For the past month 941 Geary Gallery has been a playground for the street artist community.  Presented by 941 Geary Gallery and Montana Colors The Indoor Mural Project: A Living Survey of Street Art, is “a series of works by both local and international street artists. Since March 1st, 941 Geary has been playing host to a series of site-specific works by an impressive lineup of graffiti and street artists in the heart of San Francisco. The Indoor Mural Project is a living, multi-layered exhibition where street art enthusiasts are invited to observe the progression and transformation of a contemporary gallery space by some of the most exciting artists working today.”

Recently MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles) opened it’s much talked about “Art in the Streets” exhibit curated by Jeffery Deitch, which has caused a surge of interest in the world of street art.  Gallery Director Justin Giarla opened the doors to his 941 space as a “3,000-square-foot blank canvas for the selected artists to use as a starting point to build, collaborate and riff off of each other’s work organically. The Indoor Mural Project aims to energize the clean, formal space of the gallery with an infusion of movement, action, reaction and a generous amount of spray paint fumes (courtesy of Montana Colors).”

Some of the participating artists include:  HUSH, Hugh Leeman, Blek le Rat, Casey Gray, Eddie Colla, D Young V, Skinner, EINE, ROA, Brett Amory, APEX, Chor Boogie,  Alex Eremian, Kofie One, Eric Otto, Skinner and more.

Warholian has been able to visit 941 Geary Gallery while many of the artists were hard at work on their individual pieces.  We were also given the chance to “tag” up the gallery floor amidst the excitement.

Overall, this is one of the most interesting, collaborative, and intriquing gallery shows to hit San Francisco this year.  Part installation, part exhibition, it leaves many with the urge to go out and “bomb” with the best of them.

The Indoor Mural Project: A Living Survey of Street Art Gala Closing Party is this Saturday, April 23rd, 6-9pm.  If you’re in town, do not miss this.

– Warholian

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