The beginning of March opened to big things at Guerrero Gallery, presenting the visually intriguing show “Sad Sacks”, with Ryan Travis Christian as the featured solo artist. This show, delved into themes of everyday familiarity. “Continuing his investigation of memory, the themes explored in this exhibition include sex, lawn care, parties, dreams, entertainment, petty crimes and cars – all common things which affect our lives”

Stylistically, his work was reminiscent of newsprint cartoon serials viewed through a kaleidoscope. “Approaching his work as a painter, and finishing as a cartoonist, Ryan creates an abstract problem for himself when developing his pieces, solving them through the incorporation of representational elements.” This show was very well presented and did a fine job balancing fine and illustrative art. Ryan Travis Christian’s work is a visual journey through the human psyche, and possibly into that of the artist himself.

In the Project room, Christopher Robin Duncan and Jason Micheal Leggiere were the featured artists with “Sound and Shape”. In a rare display of audience participatory art, Duncan and Leggiere created a sound sculpture. “The negative space of the sculpture is filled with stretched piano wire (think post-modern harp), intended to be touched, felt or played by visitors. A horn speaker at the base of the sculpture, powered by hand built tube electronics, emits resulting amplified tones. Resting upon a mirrored floor that revisualizes the sculpture’s triangles into diamonds, viewers can easily become engulfed by the sonic and visual noise.” Perhaps, not as pretty sounding as most would prefer, it was ultimately successful because it captured audience and created a gallery experience that you are not likely to forget.

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To see the show, or for interest in the work, visit the gallery here:

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