The night of our curated Warhol Reimagined show opening artist Brett Amory walked up to us and told us that there had been a massive earthquake off the coast of Japan sending a huge tsunami inland.

Artist Aoi Yamaguchi and friend Julianne Yates of Gallery Heist began to assemble an artist fundraiser entitled Rise Japan within the following days as we pledged our support to get the word out there.  We had scheduled an artist talk at Project One Gallery which itself turned into a fundraiser for the Rise Japan efforts, which we called Sketch for Japan.  All said and done, the combined fundraising efforts of Rise Japan raised around $24,000 dollars, while our 5 hour Sketch for Japan event raised $2,000.

This could not have been done without the support of Project One Gallery, Gallery Heist, Arc Gallery, and Kokoro Gallery.  The artists came out in full force and this was also a chance to pick up some amazing art at rock bottom prices.  I saw works go out the door that could’ve easily sold for hundreds more, and it was a beautiful thing to see artists lend their talents to such a wonderful cause.  Thank you to all who participated, you are amazing individuals.

Enjoy our photos from all 4 events!

– Warholian

For more on Rise Japan, check out their blog at: