Angela Holmes has become a fast friend to us here at Warholian, and we’ve been impressed with her professionalism and drive in the San Francisco Art Community. Both she and artist Sam Snowden have put together a nice little evening entitled Decent Exposure at Project One Gallery headed by Director Brooke Waterhouse.

Decent Exposure is like an mini artist trading bazaar. It’s a night of selling/trading art, prints, original drawings, zines, pins, stickers, etc..

We stopped in later in the evening, but we’re able to snap some quick photos of artists Ryan de la Hoz, Mia Christopher, Jesse Balmer, Bo Heimlich, Sam Snowden, Alex Brown, hard at work on their artistic wares.

This event is scheduled to occur monthly at Project One, and is a great way to pick up some amazing art at rock bottom discounts.

– Michael Cuffe for Warholian

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