Although we’re currently busy preparing for our upcoming Warhol Reimagined show at Project One gallery, we made sure to check out the amazing ensemble of talented artists participating in Gallery Hijinks group show entitled “The Letter Collector”.

Hijinks states that “The Letter Collector is curated with the intention to exhibit both emerging and established artists in one massive group show based on the common love of type and script. Stemming from immensely different backgrounds, each artist creates their unique translation of a letter in the alphabet. The viewer will experience an assortment of letters expressed through a range of mediums: drawing, painting, photography, neon, wood, relief sculpture, and mixed media. ”

The work is tight, there is no doubt about it.   It’s one thing to see great work at group shows, but The Letter Collector is a solid representation of every artist involved. Each work is beautifully refined, and touches on some primal need for communication deep within all of us. This is also one of the best priced, most affordable shows I’ve seen, especially considering the caliber of some of the artists involved. If you want to pick up some great work at an affordable price, this is the place to visit.

I’ve gotten to know curators Jillian Mackintosh and Lauren Lanzisero over the past couple few months, and have been sincerely impressed with the focus and determination these two amazing women have. They are highly respected by the arts community within San Francisco, and their eye for talent is unquestionable. With The Letter Collector, I believe Mackintosh and Lanzisero have one of the best shows of 2011 so far.

It just so happened that UK based street artist EINE, famous for his building sized letter forms, made a surprise appearance at The Letter Collector’s opening.  I talked to EINE and asked him what he thought thought of the show,  “This is amazing, I only wish I could’ve done a piece.”

Now if that isn’t a solid endorsement, I don’t know what is.

– Pictures and Story by Michael Cuffe for

The Letter Collector runs from March 5th – March 26th, 2011.

For more information on the show visit the Gallery Hijinks website at: