UK based artist EINE spent the month canvasing San Francisco with his stylized lettering. Utilizing the urban landscape of ‘the city’, EINE has impressed with the shear scale of his work. Offering San Franciscan’s simple phrases or words such as “happiness” – his work lets you draw from your own bank of mental imagery. This public execution of street art aimed to offer viewers a more participatory role in the observation and evaluation of artistic creation.

“Rooted in the subcultural practice of graffiti, EINE moved into the more socially acceptable expression of street art in the early 2000’s as a way to become a full time artist creating public works that were perceived as more legitimate. EINE began a symbiotic collaboration with the street artist, Banksy. The artists worked and exhibited together for several years traveling to Australia, Berlin, Vienna and Denmark where Gallery V1 held the Banksy vs. EINE show in 2003. EINE also collaborated with Banksy on the famous Palestinian Wall project.”

“In 2010 the Prime Minister David Cameron presented President Barack Obama with a piece of EINE’s work as a gift. This diplomatic exchange between the world powers catapulted EINE’s work into the limelight on both sides of the Atlantic.” – White Walls

In addition to EINE’s work being seen all over the city of San Francisco, EINE’s show entitled “Greatest” is on view and available for purchase at White Walls, San Francisco. “Greatest” will be EINE’s first show in the US since his work was given to President Barack Obama.

As always, a very special thanks to Warholian’s Colin M. Day, for another amazing video

— Lyrica Glory for