Yesterday street artist D Young V gave me the hint that I should check out a new bike shop that was opening up which has a small gallery called “The Set.” I headed on over to “Everybody Bikes” to take a look at some of works by established artists Ryan De La Hoz, Mia Christopher, and D Young V. I also to wanted check out the work of emerging photographer Sami Naffziger, whose work continues to get better and better.

As you enter Everybody Bikes you’re not expecting a gallery. This is a bike shop, with bike things, and bike stuff. It’s one of those places that I have to double check just to make sure I have the right place.

Emerging out of the middle of this shop is a fire-engine-red stairway to heaven. Crimson, shiny, as if it were painted yesterday. These are the stairs to “The Set” gallery.

Granted, this is not your typical gallery setting. Lamps instead of track lighting, situated in what feels like someone’s loft livingroom. But there is a charm about this place. It’s jam packed, but still comfortable…even cozy. The mood is good, and young art types drink Pabst or Tecate – the table strewn with empties.

I’ve begun to like these locations more and more. This is where emerging artists evolve, and craft their talents. It’s where young art types try on different personas, and different styles of fashion. I guess I just feel younger being in their presence. It’s where artists are born.

A emerging standout at the show was artist Julia Davis. Davis is part of a company based out of Santa Rosa called Sloth Skateboards. Her work is illustrative, provocative, and actually grabbed my attention. She had taken one end of the room and converted it into a very interesting installation which was filled with art, bits of dialogue, and photos. This is a girl to keep an eye on.

As I wrapped conversation with Davis, attention on the room had refocused on an intense game of Tetris being played on a SNES in the corner. New groups filled the tiny space, and I made a quite exit.

Overall, a fun little space. Check it out and get your bike fixed up in the process.

– Michael Cuffe (Editor in Chief)

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