Friday night and I once again braved the cold that has set into the streets of San Francisco this winter.  The thing I’ve begun to most appreciate about the Mission District is the absolute abudance of underground fashion and art events that seem to be popping up more and more around the area.  The buzz, the feeling, it’s all here.

Artist Brian Greif cordially invited us to the PAINTED DOLLS show in which his “Accidental Art” was highlighted.  The event took place at artist studios located at 744 Alabama, to which I arrived at around 8:40pm.  I entered the multi-floor artist space, and was directed by signs that the “ART SHOW” was upstairs.  Knowing full well that the fashion part show was to start at 8:30, I figured the gallery space might be full.

As I stepped off the elevator I was immediatly hit with a solid wall of people.  It seems like this was one of the hot little events to attend in San Francisco this evening, and things were currently in full swing.  I was able to squeeze through the crowd (which isn’t easy for someone who’s 6’5 tall) and find a spot behind the sales desk and three dudes wearing Giants gear.

Designers Kathryn McCarron, Ri Couture, and Guevarra Arcega paraded their wares in a makeshift runway around the spectacular abstract works of artist Brian Greif.  I like this type of stuff:  art, fashion, and culture mixing all at once.

Now, I’m no fashionista – but I do see a lot of emerging looks and styles from various designers quite often.  Art and fashion always mix – and with years of watching most seasons of Project Runway – I can still tell when work has been well tailored and intelligently concieved.

I look at fashion as art you wear.

I was pleasantly surprise to see the works were actually wearable fashions that I might see on the street.  Too often San Francisco designers fall into the Steampunk/Burning Man style of wear.  I like that stuff too, but it often only caters to a certain female in the demographic.  Overall, a very nice body of work from these designers.

The main event for me was the works of Brian Greif.  He explains his “Accidental Artworks” in this way:

“I do not use brushes.  I spontaneously pour, drip or spray paint onto a canvas and then find a composition in accidental forms that appear.  I use thousands of hand applied dots to “map” the composition.   My paintings are very textural.  The lines and dots rise above the canvas.  I encourage people to touch my paintings to experience the texture.”

Overall a very nice body of work from Greif, whose process is really highlighted in his work.

After having a good time taking pictures of all the pretty girls modeling their designer wares, I made it back out into the cold  and hurriedly hiked back to my car 4 blocks away.

– Photos and Story by Michael Cuffe for

For more on the artist and designers visit:

Accidental Art by Brian Greif


Kathryn McCarron
Ri Couture
Guevarra Arcega

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