Pulse Contemporary Art Fair had a wonderful showing of artists and galleries during Art Basel week in Miami.  This was the sixth edition of the fair, and the first under new director Cornell DeWitt.

The Fair offered 82 leading and emerging international galleries alongside a number of original programs and cultural events for which the fair has earned a reputation.

Overall this was a very nice, upper level fair and presented a wide range of artists worldwide.  There were a number of standouts including Al Farrow’s work shown by Catherine Clark Gallery out of San Francisco.

Farrow is well known for not only being an impressive sculptor, but for his wonderful works created from ammunition, guns, and brass casings.  Ms. Clark had on hand the best works to date from Farrow, and we have no doubt we’ll one day see them in a MOMA exhibition.  Simply amazing pieces of art.

Mark Wagner’s impressive cash collage pieces presented by Pavel Zoubok Gallery of New York also took us by surprise.  Sure, anyone can cut up dollar bills and make a collage, but the level of skill and refinement in these works stood out.  We can’t wait to see more of what Mr. Wagner produces over the next few years.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Artist Omar Chacon who was showing with Margaret Thatcher projects out of New York, NY.  Omar’s colorful works are a mixed of varied color pallets, and  he places the paint onto canvas directly in a number of techniques – no brush needed here. His paintings lay somewhere between pop art and expressionism, but it’s hard not to get lost in the works and to sit back and simply enjoy.

Mark Moore Gallery out of Santa Monica, California had awesome works from Jeremy Fish and Kenichi Yokono.  Fish’s “The Plague” was one of the first true museum level pieces from the artist.  Not only was imagery immaculately rendered, but the hand carved frame pulled the piece together in a way many paintings do not.

Kenichi Yokono’s “Addict 1 and 2” were just more impressive wood block masterpieces from this well known name.  Yokono never fails to show amazing imagery juxtaposed with paramount skill.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the fair, and thank the wonderful people at Pulse – namely Mr. Cushman and Ms. Barroto – for showing us such a good time.  We’ll see you again next year!

– Warholian

All photos by Michael Cuffe for Warholian.com