The Catharine Clark Gallery began the new year with two concurrent solo exhibition shows – Jonathan Solo’s “Shadow” and Kambui Olujimi’s “Love to Loose.”

Combing a mix of collage and drawings Jonathan Solo’s works on paper endeavored to visually represent the jungian “Shadow” archetype delving into subjects that the artist refuses to acknowledge about himself. Containing a lush color palette, the collage aspect acknowledges the shadow, as a source of healing. Juxtaposed next to austere pencil drawings, there is a visual exploration into gender identities, “queer” culture, and other transgender character traits. Solo’s work contained a high level of “draftsmanship”, and a lot of very interesting, very layered levels within each piece.

The world of Kambui Olujimi’a was a mix of sculpture, photography, and media. Olujimi is an artist who works within the realm of ideas and a multitude of mediums. His “Blackout Collection” had a special appeal. This series explored the balance of voyeurism and fetishes by presenting wall sculptures that incorporated the use of handcuffs, fur, semi precious stones, and various types of chains. Whatever the artists intentions, what was presented could most definitely be placed as interesting bedroom art. Classy and elegant, each piece was unique unto itself.

The Catharine Clark gallery started out the year with a very nice collection of art for the refined collector. Olujimi’s use of multiple media forms make him an interesting artist to follow the progression of, while Jonathan Solo presented us with a very personal journey into his well crafted soul.

– Lyrica Glory for

This show is on view at the Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, until February 19th. For more information go to