Hugh Leeman’s work has become part of the San Francisco landscape.  There are not many places in San Francisco where his artistry has not touched the walls of decrepit buildings and the overall urban environment.

Leeman’s latest body of work  “Putting the Pieces Together” at Lower Haters opened to crowds of fans and presented the fine art version of many of his street works.  Large collage, oil, and diverse paper works expose the humble personalities of the Tenderloin individuals Leeman holds dear.

“This show takes a look at the foundation of my work, which is drawing. All the murals and posters come back to pencil on paper and this show will offer a look at those drawings. In a way its a bit documenting of the process from sketchbook to the street. I really enjoy the opportunity to express an idea in the street, especially when the work itself contextually involves the streets. With my work so often being public there is a part of it, a big part of it, that often goes unseen. These parts occur in my studio when rendering my subject,” say Leeman.

“It all really begins when I meet my subjects on the streets through my Tenderloin based T-shirt Project. The projects’ shirts bare the likeness of someone I’ve met during a giveaway. Later they stop by my studio, pick up the shirts and sell them keeping 100% of the profit. The posters and murals you see on the streets are meant to act as advertisements for this potentially self empowering project,” explains Leeman.

Leeman offers a good deal of his art for free to the public, and fans have started to paste it around cities as diverse as Las Vegas and Seattle.  For more on Leeman, visit his site at to see his extensive body of work and to download many of his works for free.

– Warholian

To see Leeman’s show, visit Lower Haters at: