Set within the Wynwood District of Miami Art Basel 2010, the Fountain Art Fair prides itself on showcasing some of the most avant-garde creatives to hit the Miami Basel art scene. Presenting a solid mix of street art, fine art, installation, performance, and all around general creativity, the Fountain Art Fair was a breath of fresh air for those tired of the white tents and fancy cocktails.

Featuring a blend of galleries and artists, the fair had a variety of edgy competitively priced works, with the general show aesthetic ranging from pop, to abstract, to new contemporary.

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Artist Swoons’ poignantly detailed figurative cutouts were a show highlight, and you could pick up your very own original from 10-15k for a 12″ x 24″ piece.

Also a highlight, Bay Area based abstract painter Carly Ivan Garcia whose style – reminiscent of Basquiat, Pollock and Picasso- conveys the new energy of the abstract expressionist movement. Another notable abstract painter to emerge from the fair was Lindsey Brooke Wilner. Wilners’ work reflects the energy of this vivacious artist, who can be recognized by her tulle fairy skirts. Her paintings present a pleasing palate of bold, bright, and fun colors.

The detailed works of collage and diorama artist Ray Sell have left a lasting impression. Using a combination of mixed media, bullets and collage, each piece of Sell’s has been rendered into a noir inspired piece of pop art.

Perhaps the master of Pop at the Fountain Fair was artist Greg Haberny, who propensity to transform his spaces into detailed installations of pop nostalgia had everyone including his fellow artists inspired. Haberny, gives full attention to his details, offering a full selection of art at all price points to the interested collector.

This avant garde spectacle had the feel of a community oriented art show, with almost a “burning man” feel. The Murder Lounge’s “VIP” open bar offered the Rums of Puerto Rico along with beer free to the public during the fair -surely a hit in the warmth of the Miami sun. The area also featured works by artists who helped set up the Fountian Fair, but couldn’t afford to pay to display their own work…. reminding us that goods, services, and art are always acceptable currency in the world of art.

Artist Carly Ivan Garcia had another successful year in Miami at Fountian 2010.

An exterior temporary wall featured talented, engaging street artists Alessandro Echevarria, ANOID, Anthony Sneed, Chris Stain, DICKCHICKEN, DROID, FARO, GAIA, KNOW HOPE, Lee Trice, SADUE, SHARK TOOF and Zac Braun. “These artists, hand selected for their diverse styles, represent the next generation of superstar artists. From the graffiti streets to fine art & illustration, if you haven’t already heard of these talented young artists you surely will,” stated wall curator DICKCHICKEN.

What made this fair unique was the memorable performance art. The Grace Exhibition Space out of Brooklynn presented Sisters Adina and Arielle Biber and their performance “Symptom Neomatic.” The siblings appeared in a beautician inspired, “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” Nurse Ratchett style aesthetic and proceeded to operate on various ballon filled subjects. Something you don’t see everyday.

Grace Exhibition Space, in conjunction with the Alice Chilton Gallery, had 10 artists from around the world perform during the weeks events. Artists included Adina and Ariel Bier, Erik Hokanson, Jason Bell and the Estonian Art Group Non Grata, Sarah Troche, Quinn Dukes, Marni Kotak, Kikuko Tanaka and Hiroshi Shafer.

Fountain 2010 was one of the better fairs during the Basel Miami, and hosted some of the best emerging talent we saw throughout our time in Miami.


Fountain Miami 2010 exhibitors included Christina Ray , Front Room, Steven Gagnon, Leo Kesting, McCaig-Welles, Bego Art Project, Causey Contemporary, Jeanine Taylor Art Gallery,Cherie Dacko, Evo Love, Allison Berkoy, Greg Haberny, Philip Simmons, We-Are-Familia, The Murder Lounge, No Agenda Collective, Thaddeus Kwiat Projects, Wet Heat Project, Alice Chilton Gallery, Tinca Art, Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art, Susan Radau, Lindsey Brooke Wilner, and highly anticipated immersive video art projects presented by DCKT Contemporary.

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