Last Thursday, Fifty24SF gallery held an opening reception for Ericailcane’s solo show “We Were Living in the Woods”. Ericailcane is best known for his paintings and sketches of anthropomorphized animals that seem to have come straight from a whimsical yet macabre copy of Aesop’s Fables.

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Ericailcane (literally Erica the dog, in Italian) grew up in Bologna, Italy; where he attended the Fine Art Academy. He works in a variety of visual media but is probably most well known for his large scale street artworks which he has painted all over the world, including much of Italy and other parts of Europe, the Middle East and South America. Ericailcane has mentioned French Satirist and Caricature artist J.J. Grandville is a major source of inspiration. Like Grandville, most of Ericailcane’s work deals with animal imagery, where the animal has been given humanizing characteristics such as clothing and emotional facial expressions. He has mentioned in interviews that “They (Referring to his artworks) are done with animals but obviously refer to human beings. I just use animal innocence to say what I see”.

Even though much of Ericailcane’s fame comes from his street art and mural work, the artist has mentioned in interviews that he doesn’t identify himself strictly as a “street artist”. He contends that his mural work is only a part of his greater oeuvre. In the “We Were Living in the Woods” show the artist has created a substantial body of work; mostly of works on paper, but also a few sculptural pieces. He also painted a few larger scale pieces directly on the interior and exterior walls of the gallery.

Many of the allegorical figures are shown in various states of melancholic and often morbid action. But the way Ericailcane has rendered his figures, with dewy eyes and subtle, endearing expressions, changes the general tone of the show from dark, morality tale to something more relatable and innocence. “We Were Living in the Woods” will be on view until December 19th at Fifty24SF Gallery located at 218 Fillmore Street SF. Check out the gallery’s website for hours: for more information about Ericailcane check out his site:

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