Art Basel comes to Miami Beach, FL once a year to excited throngs of art buyers, enthusiasts, and visuals artists of all mediums. This year though, there are some new players on the field who may be changing the game altogether. The Arts Fund ( is a San Francisco based venture capital firm which invests in music, film, and the visual arts.  The firm has teamed up with the W South Beach Hotel to present “Never Say Never” and the “6 on 12 Art Crawl” curated by famed White Walls Gallery.

The Arts Fund has assembled a large respected group of artists, many of whom work within varying facets of the New and Urban Contemporary genre including street art, graffiti, and lowbrow art.

David 'LEBO' Le Batard and his "Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism" will be on display.

Featured at The Arts Fund Expo are well known artists LEBO, Blek le Rat, Eddie Colla, HUSH, Greg Gossel, Ferris Plock, Mindy Linkous, Casey Gray, Above, Robert Christian Malmberg, Aaron Nagel, The Clayton Brothers, Kofie One, Jessica Hess, D Young V, and many more.

Blek le Rat is one of the standouts at The Arts Fund Expo, who became famous for his street art rats which he stenciled around Paris in the early 80’s.  His work is known to have inspired Banksy and Shepard Fairey to move into their personal street art careers, and has since been dubbed “the godfather of street art.”

David ‘Lebo’ Le Batard is a featured Cuban American artist who is best recognized for his live painting performances often alongside well known musical acts.  His style is unlike any out there, and he’s known to have dubbed his movement “Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism,” a blend of cartoon imagery, linear composition, and heavily saturated color palettes.

Four of the exhibiting artists in “Never Say Never” –  Eddie Colla, HUSH, Kofie One, and Casey Gray will be showing their work

The "Godfather of Street Art" Blek le Rat and his trademark stencil imagery.

at the W South Beach hotel’s “6 on 12 Art Crawl” where the hotel will open six of it’s residences on the 12th floor to exhibit their works.

Street Artist Eddie Colla’s images are extremely engaging, well executed, and have captured the attention of mainstream art world with his distinct asian aesthetic.  Raw yet familiar, Colla’s wheatpastes are often found dotting the urban landscape, while his fine art works are beginning to gather some well deserved attention in galleries worldwide.

HUSH is an established street artist who has successfully made the transition from alley to gallery walls.  His works often focus on subjects ranging from geishas’ to the women of anime, usually buried within a textured surface of tags and graffiti.  HUSH is an artist who questions what is considered art, and what we as a society agree is graffiti.  With a strong patronage, original Hush works have been known to sell out within minutes of his openings.

Agustine Kofie (Kofie One) creates complex futuristic paintings, often utilizing recycled materials to add deeper context to his artistic viewpoint. The vintage earth toned palettes find form through the inspiration of modern architecture and formal typographic elements.

Eddie Colla brings adds one of his "fine" street art pieces into the mix.

Casey Gray brings his talent as one of the foremost prolific stencil artists the world over.  Gray’s paintings are composites of interconnected stencil imagery, and represent the human condition within their ethereal, repetitive patterns.

Highlights of the “Never Say Never” event will include award-winning filmmaker Adam Hootnick of Resonance Interactive an Arts Fund company.  Hootnick will be on-site filming the artist salons in the W South Beach Residences.  Additionally, on Saturday December 4th The Arts Fund will feature LEBO painting live with Danny Teneglia and Behrouz at the Wall Lounge within the W South Beach.

“Never Say Never” will be held at the W South Beach Hotel lawn on Friday, December 3rd through Sunday, December 5th. The exhibition is free and open to the public from 10am – 8pm on Friday and Saturday; 10am – 5pm on Sunday.

The “6 on 12 Art Crawl” artist residences will be open to the public on November 30th – December 5th, with hours from 12 – 8pm. Cocktail hour will occur each evening from 6 – 8 pm.

The Arts Fund Expo is located at the W South Beach Hotel at  2201 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more information, please visit the Facebook event page here:!/event.php?eid=166085160098111

This will be the first project partnering between THE ARTS FUND, W South Beach Hotel, and White Walls Gallery. THE ARTS FUND ( commercializes innovation in the high arts, films, and social sciences.  Innovation within the Arts Fund is aided by computational information design principles amplifying vision and vantage. Housed within San Francisco Sentry Investments (, the fund was borne into a long tradition of civic-minded high finance. Alongside traditional early stage venture capital investments, the Arts Fund portfolio includes high art, film, music & design. In support of the portfolio, Arts Fund general partners and trusted brands deliver a market, audience, and infrastructure for patronage.