Brett Amory is by far one of the most intriguing artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  With a strong focus on color, space, and composition Amory’s work stands apart from the rest.  Brett Amory’s work is reminiscent of the next evolution of Edward Hopper, and has a new show at Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco entitled Oakland Anticipations.  We think it is his best work to date, check it out!

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Union Sq., San Francisco – September 1, 2010 – Sandra Lee Gallery proudly presents Oakland Anticipations, the solo exhibition featuring works by Brett Amory, which runs October 4 through the 30. The gallery is hosting an opening reception for the public on Thursday, October 7 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, where the artist will be in attendance.

Amory’s works are informed by a background in film and motion picture. The use of multiple motifs and repetition of forms in his paintings represent a deeper examination in to the ways that bodies inhabit both space and time. His artworks attempt to defy the singular and linear perspective of time, taking instead a circuitous route towards the issue of representing fleeting temporality.

Fittingly, the artist’s creative methods blend the traditional with the technologically advanced. Amory takes multiple pictures of subjects on the street, usually whilst they are waiting for public transit, and then combines the images using Photoshop. From then on, it is a constant back-and-forth between painting and digital manipulation. The results are singularly haunting images of human figures caught poignantly between ethereality and physicality.

Amory’s Waiting series is populated by people caught in the liminal space between action and movement, where time seems to pause. Painting a series based on people in the act of waiting seems straightforward enough on the surface, but Amory deals powerfully with the issue of poly-locality – how people can be in one place at one time, for example a bus stop, and yet seem to be miles away in their minds.

Brett Amory has been prominently featured in a number of publications, including Juxtapoz and European periodical C-Heads Magazine.
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